Advantech DLOG DLT-V7212P+


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    Advantech DLOG
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The DLOG DLT-V7212 is a robust 12-inch vehicle terminal for efficient work in logistics - it works fail-safe in both hot and cold conditions, in extremely high and extremely low humidity.


Advantech-DLoG is realising the requirements of the logistics market with its in-house development DLOG DLT-V7212. Not only the addition of Android as an operating system, but also the offering of different versions of Microsoft Windows, demonstrates the multi-OS capability of the DLT-V72 series. For the time being, Android will be available as the operating system for full-screen versions. Android supports all the features of the DLOG DLT-V7212 and is characterised by very good roaming properties.

The DLOG DLT-V7212 has been specially developed for logistics applications of all kinds. With a feature set that is optimally adapted to market requirements, the DLOG DLT-V7212, the successor model to the MTC 6 series, is the logistics terminal of choice.

Technische Daten

  • Hersteller Advantech DLOG
  • Betriebssystem Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows 7, Android 9
  • Display 12,1 Zoll
  • Schutzklasse IP66
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